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If Your Business Is Not On The Internet, Then Your Business Will Be Out Of Business - Bill Gates

There are about 3.6 billion internet users in the world. When you run an online business, or bring a traditional business online, potentially you can sell your product or service to anyone on earth. 

With the advancement of digital marketing technologies, combined with the pervasive usage of social media and its cost effective marketing prowess, individuals and small businesses can now launch business ideas online profitably, creating streams of long-term passive income. 

To the individuals, the appeal of an online business is tremendous, you can operate your business any time, anywhere. There is also the flexibility of launching a business as a part-time effort as you hold on to a full-time job. If you are new to the ropes of running an internet business however, the first wise thing to do is to learn the proper skill sets required so you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and wastage of time. 

What Our Graduates Say

Highly recommended for everyone who wants to learn about building a website, SEO, email marketing, analytics and more. The IEAP course is comprehensive, easy to digest and hands-on. Trainer shares own digital business experiences.
Faith Koh
Company Director
Initially I thought that SEO is a complicated process and it is impossible to rank a new site. After the IEAP course, I gained the confidence and the necessary skills to gain site authority. Trainer Liong Hai is a practitioner, generous with sharing.
Kelvin Seetoh
Finance Blogger
Thank you for the 2-day IEAP course on internet marketing. It's excellent and I have learnt a lot. Truly appreciate that. You did your best to teach us everything you know, knowledge that can't even be found on books. I look forward to launching my website.
Chan Chee Wai
Restaurant Owner