Our Dream

Internet Entrepreneur College (IEC) is founded by Tan Liong Hai who has spent two decades of his career in telco and technology companies. He also founded and co-founded a few successful companies, the latest one being Anspire Consulting offering a suite of digital marketing services. 

After “retiring” from active corporate life, Liong Hai has been focusing on consulting for start-up organizations on corporate strategy and advising on sales and marketing plans.

He also found passions in personal wealth management and internet/digital marketing. 

During his free time over the last five years, Liong Hai spent countless hours relentlessly pursuing internet marketing knowledge and skill sets, pouring huge amount of money into courses and tools. Some courses are good while many turn out to be more than scams by so-called internet marketing gurus. 

A chief goal of Internet Entrepreneur College is to provide a structured learning platform to would be entrepreneurs who want to build successful online businesses. Liong Hai is committed to be a coach to impart not just the technical know-how but the key success factors required of an online business.

Liong Hai has a M.Eng from Nanyang Technological University and an MBA from California State University, East Bay. 

Website Case Studies

Liong Hai uses websites he has built or which are Work In Progress (WIP) as case studies how online businesses can be developed and the various ways to monetize them. 

Core Program

IEC currently offers the core program Internet Entrepreneur Accelerator Program (IEAP) which aims to arm students with the skills and knowledge to start their online businesses through a systematic 5-step IEAP Framework. 

There is no intention to up-sell other courses but IEC believes advanced modules like video content marketing and influencer marketing can be beneficial to some and may introduce these modular topics in future. 

Internet Entrepreneur Accelerator Program