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Amazon’s market capitalization has surpassed that of Walmart, Costco, Target, Macy’s and Kohl’s combined. The power of bringing a business online to reach a worldwide audience is up to one’s imagination. 

Combined with the pervasive usage of social media and its cost effective marketing prowess, individuals can now launch business ideas online profitably, creating streams of long-term passive income. 

Practice Oriented 2-Day Course
(SkillsFuture Credit Claimable)

We are excited to launch the 2-day Internet Entrepreneur Accelerator Program (IEAP) course which aims to arm you with the skills and knowledge to start your online businesses through the 5-step IEAP Framework. Hands-on practices are the focus of the course, a Laptop computer is required, broadband connection will be provided at the venue. 

Who Should Enroll For The Course?

You Want To Build An Online Business

So you have always thought of fulfilling your entrepreneurial spirit, starting a business, offline or online but you have fear and don’t know how to start. Online business requires low start-up capital and risks are low. Learn how you can start something and fulfill your dream. 

You Own A Blog And Want To Monetize

You currently own a blog or starting a blog. Do you know how to position yourself correctly so that you can stand out? Do you know how drive more traffic to your blog? How about monetizing your blog through advertising revenue and affiliate marketing?

You Want To Bring Your Offline Business Online

You currently own an offline business and would like to expand your business online, e.g. selling products online. Or you would like to know how to increase awareness and generate more leads through Search Engine Optimization or do some paid ads like Google Ads or Facebook ads. You can engage an agency or pick up the skills yourself, or you can decide the areas you can do yourself and outsource the others. 

You Have Done Internet Marketing But To Not Much Success

You have been doing internet marketing on your own, trying different things but to not much success. You need a system and some guidance to know the exact blueprint to achieve proven results. The IEAP blueprint is the only secret you will need to know, the rest is execution. 

You Aspire To Be An Influencer

You are a food lover and you know where to find great food and aspire to share this with other fellow food lovers, and becoming a food blogger/influencer. Or may be a lifestyle influencer, or recommending electronic products. You will learn what it takes to be a successful influencer. 

Pick Up Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing skills are in demand. You appreciate the growing trends around e-commerce, proliferation of social media and the marketing prowess of social media marketing, email marketing, video content marketing. This is where you can pick up the digital marketing skills which will benefit you in one way or another. 

5-Step IEAP Framework

Bonus Modules


Review process and results with Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics


Outsource tasks you dislike or you are not good at


Learn additional skills: graphics design, video marketing, copy-writing and blog writing

Case Studies

Blogging website with SEO, drop shipping website with FB marketing, affiliate marketing website with Google Ads

Learning Outcomes

  • Identified Some Niche Market Ideas
  • Know How To Conduct Market Research
  • Know How To Build A Beautiful Website, Facebook Page
  • Learned Online Marketing Techniques Through SEO and Paid Ads
  • Know How To Automate The Sales Funnel

Post Course Support

closed facebook group

A closed Facebook group community for all graduates of IEAP to pose questions and discuss ideas

Student Gatherings

A quarterly student gathering session to share advance topics like Facebook Pixel, Page Builder etc

One Personal Coaching Session

1 personal coaching session, aimed to guide students in the right direction

Business Ideas Collaboration

If in need of funding or other resources, business ideas collaboration will be facilitated

Assistance To set up web hosting

Assistance will be given in the area of web hosting if necessary

SEO Power Pack

Hard and soft copy of SEO Power Pack “Page 1 Ranking” authored by Liong Hai

Student Testimonials

Highly recommended for everyone who wants to learn about building a website, SEO, email marketing, analytics and more. The IEAP course is comprehensive, easy to digest and hands-on. Trainer shares own digital business experience.
Faith Koh
Company Director
Initially I thought that SEO is a complicated process and it is impossible to rank a new site. After the IEAP course, I gained the confidence and the necessary skills to gain site authority. Trainer Liong Hai is a practitioner, generous with sharing.
Kelvin Seetoh
Finance Blogger
Thank you for the 2-day IEAP course on internet marketing. It's excellent and I have learnt a lot. Truly appreciate that. You did your best to teach us everything you know, knowledge that can't even be found on books. I look forward to launching my website.
Chan Chee Wai
Restaurant Owner
Jenniser See

Dillemma for the longest time to set up my website. After attending the course, I already have my website (https://happyfitsg.com/) and ready to fly. I am also clearer on the digital marketing approaches and running my email marketing campaigns. 


Jenniser See

Personal trainer

The Next IEAP Has Been Scheduled On 17th And 18th August 2019, Limited Seats Only

Great News

IEAP Is Now SkillsFuture Credit Claimable

To enable our students to make use of SkillsFuture credit towards picking up new skills through courses offered by Internet Entrepreneur College, we now have IEAP eligible for SkillsFuture claim. Read more on the enrollment and claim process.


  • After sign-up, in case you can’t attend the course on the actual course dates, you may defer to the next available class
  • The course is offered with business guarantees through our parent company, Anspire Consulting Pte Ltd
  • We respect personal data and privacy and communication with students is only done on a need basis to relay information on the course