website backup

Website Backup

You have spent a long time designing and building up your nice website and you continue to post new articles to keep your website updated and maintain your SEO rankings.

Now, most of us know the importance of backing up our soft-copy files on our computers. It is equally important to have a back-up copy of your website even if your web hosting provider may provide a service doing it for you. Most other web hosing companies don’t do it.

There is a WordPress plugin called UpdraftPlus that you can use. The free version is good enough and it is really super easy to use. I include here a good video that you can just follow to understand what is required to set it up.

I do personally use this plugin to back-up all my websites on my Dropbox account.

To test out the restoration function of the plugin, I have the homepage of a test site as follows:

website backup

I deliberately deleted the home page which happens to be built on Elementor page builder. You can see below the home page is now gone and displaying the blog page instead.

website design

I then clicked on restore of UpdraftPlus from a manual backup file that I did and everything is restored nicely.

updraft restore

I can’t emphasize the good practice of having your website backed up and UpdraftPlus allows you to keep the backup copies remotely on the cloud such as Dropbox. Just configure the settings and this is done automatically for you, giving you the peace of mind.

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